Customer Loyalty & Rewards

A Rewards Program as Unique as Your Business Upgrade your punch card to a digital, flexible rewards program that delights your customers. 

Automatically Connect with Customers 

Send the right reward to the right customer at the right time and watch your revenue skyrocket. 

Say Goodbye to the Slow Day 

Boost store traffic by 70% by sending special promotions to your customers with just a few clicks. 

Five Stars Integrates with Clover Station Point of Sale System.

Clover Station Point of Sale System Five Stars Customer Loyalty & Rewards Program from Hands On Tech

Set up a digital rewards program, automatically send messages, and customize offers for new and returning customers.  

Automated Rewards and Promotions

We help you craft a digital rewards program that gives customers points and gifts for their purchases. Then we build a set of automatically sent campaigns to welcome new customers, celebrate their birthdays, and bring back those who haven't visited recently. 

Beacon & Geo Fencing

Getting Your Message to Your Customers

A business can text a customer when the customer's smartphone enters a defined geographical area. 

Managing Your Fleet and Assets

Geo-fencing can alert a dispatcher when a driver breaks from their route, or a device leaves its area.

Automating Your Business Operations 

Your staff can always know when certain customers arrive, and never forget to turn off the lights.

Hands On Tech will build your Business App on Android and Apple.

Hands On Tech offers Beacon & Geo Fence Advertising from your Custom Business App or our Native App

Customers are searching for products and services locally from their phones. It's a huge opportunity for retailers. Are you missing out? 

Automated Messaging and Management

We will help you build your own custom business app to be available on Android and Apple devices, or you can save money by using our native app. From there we design and implement campaigns specifically targeting geographical areas based on your business needs and goals.

Social Media Management

Grow Your Audience

Optimize your profiles and promote your business across social media to create awareness.  

Protect Your Reputation 

Monitor reviews on social media 24/7 with review alerts, and respond to reviews while they are fresh.

Social Shopping Cart

Create a social shopping cart so your business can sell food or products on social media.

Sell your Products & Services across Social Media Networks.

Hands On Tech will help you sell your Products & Services across many Social Media Networks

People are searching for and talking about your business on social media. Do you want to know what they are saying?

Automated Posting and Monitoring

We provide you with engaging content specific to your industry and ideas for giveaways that engage customers. You will always have access to your online dashboard where you can track all of your key metrics and see everything that is being said about your business online.