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Card Connect is a credit card payment merchant processing partner of Hands On Tech.

Processing credit card payments can be both confusing and expensive, though it doesn't have to be. Our mission at Hands On Tech is to truly educate business owners, and managers about the merchant processing industry. We believe knowing the when and why, of your rates and fees is essential to managing your business operations.

Hands On Tech has partnered with trusted industry leaders to offer the most competitive rates on credit card processing. Working closely with you to fully understand your needs allows us to tailor a program specific for your business. We can save your company thousands of dollars by reducing unnecessary rates, and eliminating fees not associated with your industry. 

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

Being a business owner in a "high risk" industry, you know just how hard it can be to maintain quality merchant service at an affordable price. Hands On Tech has a partner solution for every situation. Giving you peace of mind that your funds will arrive on time, at a rate that won't impact the bottom line.   

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Free Payment Processing Analysis

Get your free merchant processing analysis from Hands On Tech and know if what you are paying is more than you should be paying to accept credit cards. 1-800-716-7307

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Create unlimited custom landing pages with Get Response. 

Square credit card payment processing is a trusted merchant processing partner of Hands On Tech.

Mobile Processing

Accept credit cards anywhere, anytime with Square.

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Build your perfect eCommerce website with Shopify.