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Experience Our Technology

  Something that truly does not exist right now is a point of sale store. A place where merchants can feel comfortable to come in and experience our technology.  


 With so many options on the market today it’s hard to know what system will be best for your business and budget, until it’s too late. Merchant service “guru’s” are continually walking into businesses and harassing the staff about their program being the best and cheapest. All the while knowing nothing of what the business owners needs are. Merchants are constantly bombarded by emails promoting the latest and greatest technology at the best rates. Expected to make a buying decision based on the vendors marketing content. At Hands On Technology we believe there is a better way!  


Connect With Our Experts

  Accountability is a key element that seems to be missing from merchant services. Allow us be your partner when you connect with our experts.   

 Here at Hands On Tech you can experience all of the various systems to truly feel what is best for your business. When you connect with our experts your questions will be answered without product bias. Our upfront and transparent pricing on equipment and processing gives you the satisfaction of knowing you found the best deal for your budget. With five star live customer support available 24/7, your business is never out of touch.  


Our Cloud Products & Services

  • WiFi Network Systems
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Security & Camera Systems  
  • Payment Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Security Monitoring
  • Website & App Development
  • Digital Marketing

Your personal Business Development Account Manager will help you build your Business Cloud with Customized Merchant Services. Call us today to schedule your Free Consultation!