Security Monitoring

Don't let good information go to waste!

Investing thousands of dollars in a security camera system for your business may be necessary. A kind of insurance policy against a potential robbery or break in. Something your business has to have, but hopes they never have to use. Day after day the videos are being deleted with a sigh of relief that they weren't needed. But, imagine all of that useful information that's being lost.  

Hands On Tech



Keep that quality data and put it to good use. With monthly analytical reporting from Hands On Tech you will have a deeper understanding of your business' most important metrics. Making adjustments that directly effect your bottom line.  

Cameralytics is a comprehensive monthly report of up to nine key metrics that you decide are most critical to your business. Hands On Tech does the research and compiles the data from your video cameras to present an in depth overview. Giving you the ability to make accurate adjustments that decrease overhead and increase revenue.

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Never lose sight of your growing business. Our cloud camera systems will keep control of your stores in the palm of your hand with notifications and alarms sent directly to your smart device. 



Our professional monitoring agents are standing by 24-7 to assist with an emergency, or answer any questions you may have about Cameralytics from Hands On Tech

Business Services

Free Security Monitoring Analysis

Get a free security analysis today. Reduce your cost of doing business with a top rated - highly trusted security service provider. Cameralytics from Hands On Tech. 1-800-716-7307


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Create unlimited custom landing pages with Get Response. 

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Mobile Processing

Square credit card payment processing is a trusted merchant processing partner of Hands On Tech.

Accept credit cards anywhere, anytime with Square.

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eCommerce Websites


Build your perfect eCommerce website with Shopify.

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